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How to Break, Village Theatre, 2023


Village Theatre’s production of How to Break is directed by Logan Vaughn, and full marks to her for presenting such a show as well as she has, and for assembling a creative team that excels from top to bottom, including the production’s scenic design from Jack Magaw, lighting by Robert J. Aguilar, and costumes by Pete Rush, plus Andrea Allmond on sound design. Together they have created a show that is paced wonderfully, quick when it needs to be, slower when it wants something to sink in, and never feels like it takes the two hours that it does. 

Heilman and Haver, Greg Heilman

Last Summer at Bluefish Cove, The Fountain Theatre, 2023

Above all Andrea Allmond’s mood-enhancing sound design amped through individual headphones that make every single spoken word crystal clear.  

Stage scene LA, Steven Stanley

This is 'outdoor theater' with earphones and mics and actors walking seamlessly through the audience as they exit the rear. All of this works beautifully with the sound design by Andrea Allmond smoothly keeping all of these moving parts together while at the same time holding us as though we were truly on the beach.

Discover Hollywood Magazine, Micheal Edwards

Desma Murphy’s scenic design, Halei Parker’s costume design, Andrea Allmond’s sound, RS Buck’s lighting, and the contributions of the balance of the team enhance the production to an amazing extent.

Splash Magazine, Elaine Mura

Menstruation a Period Piece, Los Angeles LGBT Center, 2023

Notably, Andrea Allmond balances all this sound in a small space.

Tony Frankel, Theater, Stage and Cinema

Untitled Baby Play, IAMA Theatre Company 2022

Add to this Dan Weingarten’s vibrant lighting, Andrea “Slim” Allmond’s multilayered sound design/original music, and Alexis Chaney’s character-perfect costumes (at least two for each woman) and you’ve got a production that looks and sounds fabulous from start to finish.

Stage Scene LA, Steven Stanley


I must give credit to the set designer Cindy Lin, lighting designer Dan Weingarten, properties designer Michael O’Hara, and sound designer/composer Andrea ‘Slim’ Allmond for creating together the fully realized world of chain e-mailing.

Edward Hong, Nerds of Color

Kudos also, of course, to the creative team that made a distinct little fiefdom for each character. Bravo set designer Cindy Lin, lighting designer Dan Weingarten, sound designer Andrea Allmond, costume designer Alexis Chaney and properties designer Michael O’Hara.

Paul Myrvold’s, Theatre Notes

Twelfth Night, Dallas Theatre Center 2019

Clifton Taylor's lights and Andrea Allmond's sound design create exquisite effects for the raging storm that opens the show while also creating a warm and intimate atmosphere for the festivities that take place afterward.

Broadway World, Zac Thriffiley

Storm or no storm (lighting designer Clifton Taylor and sound designer Andrea Allmond terrify!), Martha Heimberg

The show begins with an impressive tropical storm, complete with palm trees blowing in the wind, thanks to Scenic Designer Anna Louizos, Lighting Designer Clifton Taylor, and Sound Designer Andrea Allmond. Thunder crashes, lightning flashes, and wind roars in the Illyria created for us on the stage of the Potter Rose Performance Hall at the Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre. As stated earlier, the visual effects of this production are outstanding.  Allmond’s sound design works with the team to create an ambience that enriches the experience.

The lighting (Clifton Taylor) and sound (Andrea Allmond) added a great deal of immersiveness. As did the costume design by Mari Taylor, which even extended to the ushers, aiding in the audience getting settled into Illyria beach., Brian Wilson

Famous the Play, 1111 Experience, West Hollywood, 2019


With several scenes going on at the same time in each of the rooms, Leoni allows Jason to follow all the action everywhere via hidden closed-circuit cameras from his desk where his drug-fueled anger builds against those being filmed or evidence he hopes to use to end the emotional torment from which he suffers. Blending in perfectly throughout the show thanks to sound designers Andrea Allmond, Scott Casillas and the music of international artist Conner Youngblood., Shari Barrett

Public Works Dallas Winters Tale, Dallas Theater Center, 2018

Public Works Dallas Winters Tale- Dallas Theatre Center

Sound by Andrea Allmond and the orchestra under Music Director Vonda K. Bowling provided ambient sounds and accompaniment for the singing and dancing. There was also good balance between the performers and the orchestra.

Gloria A Life, Off Broadway, Daryl Roth Theatre, 2018

Oscar, Emmy and Golden Globe winner Christine Lahti as the iconic feminist Gloria Steinem in the must-see new off-Broadway bio-play Gloria A Life. It's a look at the five decades of trailblazing work and advocacy for women around the world done by Steinem and her peers—and it also just happens to have an absolutely killer soundtrack, featured below.

Elaine J. McCarthy’s wonderfully informative projection design (she and sound designers Robert Kaplowitz and Andrea Allmond propel us through time in the show with an abundance of effective visual and aural excerpts from the historical record), Sara Holdren

In a big presentational piece like this, which covers more than a half-century of American life, the designers’ work becomes especially important. Amy Rubin’s scenic design is simple but striking: a crazy quilt of Persian rugs with a number of matching hassocks. The lighting design (Jeanette Oi-Suk Yew), projections (Elaine J. McCarthy) and sound design (Robert Kaplowitz, Andrea Allmond), along with Jahn’s imaginative costuming, work together seamlessly to transport the audience through the changing decades., Mark Dundas Wood

Awards and Nominations

Audiofile Earphone Award Winner, 2021

Murder on the Links (audio book), L.A. Theatre Works 

Heilman & Haver Theatre Award Nomination 2023 Season

How to Break, Village Theatre

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